Welcome dear friends, old and new…

 Thank you so much for joining me here at MOL.  Creating this blog is an idea that I’ve been carrying around in my head for so many years.  And now, finally, I am giving it life.  I may be insane to be launching a blog at my age (just turned 75!!!) but what have I got to lose, right?  Even more insane may be the fact that I, a Myers-Briggs classic introvert, should have this burning desire to reach so far out into the extroverted world.  Let me try to explain.

When Louis Carroll’s Alice asked her white rabbit friend “How long is forever?”, he sagely replies, “Sometimes, just one second”.

That’s how I’m feeling.  I know time is precious and limited and there’s so much I want to do and see and learn and talk with others about. The passing years have made me even more curious and inquisitive.  But I’m a realist and I know I can’t accomplish all my dreams.  But I can live vicariously – through the life experiences and ideas of others.  And that’s where you come in.

My vision for this space is that here will be a place for us to sit, talk .  Here we can open up so many new worlds for each other –  as if we were sitting together around a table in your place or mine.  I love small, intimate conversations – a few friends digging into all sorts of topics – art, politics, shopping, travel, books, music, kids, etc,, etc,, etc.  I’m not a great talker but I am a great listener.

So here, I extend to you a sincere invitation to visit with me around my table, where together we can explore and contribute to what I hope will eventually be a vibrant, dynamic community of sharing.   I’ll set and re-set this table in our gathering spot, planting seeds for what I hope will be amusing, informative, relevant and stimulating conversation.  There’s an open invitation for you to come to our table – as a reader, as a writer…or  both. To share yourself with us…to teach us –  telling us about trips you’ve taken, books you’ve read, foods you’ve eaten, people you’ve met…your ideas and opinions…your questions…your memories…your stories.   Just friends, sitting around the table, enjoying every minute of being together, and never running out of things to talk about.

So…the success of this blog depends a lot on you.  If it is to have any value or staying power, it will not, or rather cannot be a one-way conversation.  This site  will be FOR us – you and me – a quiet space for us to meet… to talk, to share, to question, to teach, and to learn from each other – tranquilly, generously, without pause or judgment.  We have much we can discover from each other’s unique lifetime experiences, whatever these may be.

Poet Muriel Rukeyser says that our universe is made up of our stories, not of atoms.  So please, use this space I provide to share your stories.  I promise I will read all of what you write and with your permission, will share much with others on this site.

Who knows where this will take us?   Who knows what we’ll learn about each other, what we can teach each other, and how much we can enrich each others’ lives – the way real friends do.

I am anxious to hear your voices, to learn from you, and to share our quiet journeys.