Minding Our Time


(WEB)Sites that Excite

Lots of web surfing going on over these last few months! When I began this blog, I never expected that this type of post would be one I would create …who knew???  I imagine this could be considered a “sequel” to Streaming in the Pandemic post as today I’m offering up a very few of my favorite, and most frequent, stops on the web.  I told you in my “About” section that my mind tends to wander and these two posts are proof positive of that. I do have a lot of interests and must confess, I’ve mastered none! But they all keep me engaged and the internet helps satisfy my never ending curiosity about all things.  Because there are many sites that I visit, as I begin this list, I’ll list only my most frequent stops, and will try to offer up sites that are less well known.  So, here are some of my favorite “go-to” websites.


My first, and overall favorite “go-to” site has to be Food52 (pronounced Food Five Two). This is a foodies’ […]