Minding Our Spirits

Be Careful With The Crumbs

Here, this morning, my mind travels to a short poem by Gunilla Norris that I found in a beautiful book, Midwives of an Unnamed Future by Mary Ruth Broz, RSM and Barbara Flynn. You may find me quoting passages from these pages many times as we walk this journey together. The photos in the book are as inspiring as are the words.

This lovely little poem, “Even Crumbs are Bread”, is one I’ve committed this to memory…I often have to remind myself to “be careful with the crumbs”.

Be careful with the crumbs.

Don’t overlook them.

Be careful with the crumbs:

The little chances to love.

The tiny gestures, the morsels

That feed the minims.

Take care of the crumbs

A look, a laugh, a smile,

A teardrop, an open hand.  Take care

Of the crumbs.  They are food also.

Do not let them fall.

Gather them.  Cherish them.

How many times over the past three months, when I’m feeling sad and frustrated, have I relied on these beautiful words to bring me back […]