Minding Our Time

Winter is coming! And this year I’m going to hygge – a lot!!

What, you may ask, is “hygge”?  I’m really excited to share with you all I’ve discovered about it and why I think hygge may be exactly what I need to get me through the next few months. But first, let me tell you what brought me to it.

I’ve “hinted” in previous posts that lately I’ve been feeling unsettled. As summer wanes and autumn’s personality becomes obvious, for some reason, my anxiety grows. This is unusual for me. I typically look forward to seasons changing. And October has always been a favorite month.  But this year, the transition has left me anxious. It feels as if a lot has to happen to bring me back to a place of relative peace and harmony. And I have so little control over making that happen. Even my self-talking isn’t working.

So I decided that maybe some more aggressive self-care was in order. Begin small, I thought, with things close to me, things I can control. I began thinking of what makes me feel good, what typically lifts my spirits – being cozy and […]