The Ties That Bind


Pre pandemic, I joined a few friends at lunch to celebrate the birthday of another dear friend.  As I think back on this happy gathering, I am filled with warmth and gratitude – so thankful that I have such a friend and that I had the opportunity to let her know how much I appreciate her friendship. I have celebrated many birthdays during my 75 years – mine and many others.  But for some reason, this one gave me pause.

Maybe it’s age…no maybe – I’m sure it is.  I’m much more appreciative now of occasions like these.  No longer do I take them for granted.  With all life’s “busy-ness” behind me, I can slowly embrace and hold tightly all these wonderful little times spent with those who bring joy to my life.   I pray the reverse is true!

So,  as I think about by closest friends, I decide that for my purposes here, I’ll exclude all my loved and dearest family members.  There are so many of them – my dear husband and friend of so many years, our beautiful children, their spouses and kids, my amazing sisters and […]