Favorite Fiction – Books

Just the other day, my daughter, a voracious reader, asked me to send her a list of my top 10 favorite books of all time. I knew this list would take a lot of thought on my part and, as I was pressed for time, I emailed her my list of some of the books I’ve read over the past couple of years. Yes, I do keep a list.  Mainly, I think, because I would forget that I’ve read something and would, for the very same reasons I was attracted to it the first time, re-purchase the very same book months later. I’ve done that.

Anyway, I sent a list to Jeanne that contained a rolling list of more than 80 titles. promising her I would get to her specific request ASAP. But try as I may, I still have not determined my 10 all time fiction favorites – I don’t know if I could ever whittle down all the books to just 10 favorites. But here are a few titles that would likely make the list.

The Red Tent by Anna Diamante

We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver