Minding Our Spirits


Feeling  Heart-  “Soul-broken”


I’m feeling a bit “off” these days. Like something is not the way it should be. Frightened? Frustrated? This disquiet isn’t physical. It’s not painful in the literal sense. But it is uncomfortable. It’s coming from deep within…my “soul”  is quietly asking for attention.

I was talking to a friend yesterday about how “heartbroken” I was feeling for my college and high school grandchildren losing such important pieces of their lives because of this pandemic. When I reflected on the conversation afterwards, something about the word “heartbroken” bothered me. My heart isn’t breaking. My heart was fine, beating and pumping normally – doing its thing. What is breaking, what is crying out, is my spirit. I could say that it is my soul that is breaking.

This realization makes me think that so many of the emotional conditions that we have come to attribute to the heart actually originate in the soul.  I’m thinking about familiar expressions  like “heartache”, ”heartbroken”, “heartsick”, “heartfelt”. Is it the heart that births these feelings? Or do they rise from elsewhere within us…from that hard to explain, nonphysical part of us that is almost […]