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Each of us must find a way to love the world. You have found yours.

With these words, from Sue Monk Kidd’s latest work, comes the first validation of a young girl’s determination. The Book of Longings takes place in the first century and its main character, Ana, is a spirited, brilliant, rebellious young woman determined to find her voice at a time and in a culture that diminished and inhibited women.

The words are spoken to thirteen year old Ana by a very young Jesus, who eventually, through a complicated series of unforeseen events, would become her husband.  But this is not his story…it is Ana’s and it is her determination, resilience and passion that makes for an inspirational and absorbing tale.

I write about this today because I have not been able to put aside those powerful words.  I’ve spent lots of time since finishing the book, trying to figure out exactly what they mean and if and how they may apply to me. If we are all challenged to “love the world,” how are we to do this? I think of Ana.

Early on, she is fascinated by stories of […]

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Fun Ways to Travel…Virtually

It seems a crazy time to be presenting you with travel information, but maybe it’s not. I know I need to dream, and that’s exactly what I did today as I clicked from one travel website to another.  Here are three of my absolute favorites – filled my afternoon with exciting visions of what may lie in the future, once we are allowed to move beyond our isolation.  Hope you enjoy!!


Quite by accident, I came across a magnificent website, JourneyWoman.  I don’t use the word magnificent much but, in this case, I make the exception. I do love to travel, though these days, any plans to go further than my town are naturally on hold.  However, wandering around this site was almost as good as the real thing.  But be careful – there’s so much to see…you could lose your way! It houses all things “travel” and I do mean ALL things. Easy to navigate, filled with inviting photos and great writing, the site is worth visiting – over and over again!

Still on the same quest, I’m finding all kinds of fun things! Legal Nomads is written by a lawyer, […]

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Minding Our World

In One Voice…Finally

The heart wrenching events of these past few weeks – the protests, the brutality, the killings, the  basic lack of humanity on so many levels – have left me sometimes in tears, always in pain. It is clear that many Americans join me in this sorrow.  Though this is not the first time we have witnessed such atrocities, I believe it is the first time we, as a nation, are truly paying attention.

I believe, too, that this wave of social awareness, thankfully, is part of a larger plan for us. Let’s think about it. Even before Covid-19, we were a country plagued. This affliction was not a physical virus, but rather a mental one – we were plagued by “complacency”. Insidious, far-reaching, exhausting…but easy to ignore. As long as we weren’t impacted, we let it be.

Then came corona and this virus, in a way, leveled the playing field. It didn’t discriminate. We were all impacted. And when it hit, our sluggish, empathic gene kicked into high gear.  As we stood in food lines, we began to understand food insecurity.  As we lost our paychecks, we understood financial […]

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