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Minding Our Spirits

Out Of This Noise

I’m trying so very hard to stay positive during this time. It hasn’t been easy. It’s difficult not to keep wishing that I wake up one morning and realize that all this mess was just a dream – a nightmare. It feels to me like we’ve sailed into a perfect storm that is having its way with us no matter how we try to beat it down. It’s not just the isolation, which is so very sad. But I think I would be able to get through all this if the loneliness was all it was.  But for me, it’s so much more.

It’s the constant hostility I’m seeing manifesting itself in so many ways. Our world is so full of hate that it’s difficult to peel away all those layers to find the wealth of goodness underneath. Never before have I had to make such a conscious effort to find the positive. But now, I definitely have to remind myself to look for the good that is happening even when it’s hidden under so much of the opposite.

A while ago I was watching a Netflix movie, […]

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Minding Our Time


Today I’m again switching it up.  I’ve been asked over and over again to give some suggestions for series and movies that are currently streaming. I’m almost embarrassed to admit how many hours I’ve spent streaming – pre- and during COVID19.  With this post, everyone will know how unproductive I’ve been throughout this pandemic.  Since my “couch potato” list below contains only what I have personally viewed, it also reveals my (narrow) viewing preferences.  You may remember that some of these I’ve already mentioned in the In Seclusion section (above). Most descriptions courtesy of the relevant streaming service.


 Chernobyl                 Dramatizes the story of the 1986 nuclear accident. HBO/Prime Miniseries. 1 season, 5 episodes.

Offspring                  A Melbourne obstetrician in her thirties struggles with the increasingly chaotic family, and the romantic and professional aspects of her life. Netflix. 7 seasons. (one of my favs).

Occupied                  Focuses on political and environmental issues affecting Scandinavia. The ten-part Nordic drama is based in the near future, when environmental concerns prompt the Norwegian government to stop all oil and gas production in the North Sea. Netflix. 3 seasons. […]

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Minding Our World


Each of us must find a way to love the world. You have found yours.

With these words, from Sue Monk Kidd’s latest work, comes the first validation of a young girl’s determination. The Book of Longings takes place in the first century and its main character, Ana, is a spirited, brilliant, rebellious young woman determined to find her voice at a time and in a culture that diminished and inhibited women.

The words are spoken to thirteen year old Ana by a very young Jesus, who eventually, through a complicated series of unforeseen events, would become her husband.  But this is not his story…it is Ana’s and it is her determination, resilience and passion that makes for an inspirational and absorbing tale.

I write about this today because I have not been able to put aside those powerful words.  I’ve spent lots of time since finishing the book, trying to figure out exactly what they mean and if and how they may apply to me. If we are all challenged to “love the world,” how are we to do this? I think of Ana.

Early on, she is fascinated by stories of […]

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Minding Our Minds – Poetry


On my birthday last year, a dear friend presented me with a framed copy of the poem that follows. It hangs now in my bedroom and I often use bits and pieces of it as inspiration for my meditation. Its simplicity and brevity are hardly indications of the weighty message it delivers. There’s so much to consider in these words…


     by Linda Buckmaster

Pick a crevice,
a homey gap
between stones
and make it
your own.

Grow a life here
from wind
and the memories of ancients
embedded in limestone.

The bees will use you
for their sweet honey.
The rock will soften under
your touch.
You will draw moisture from fog
and hold it.
Your presence
will build soil.

This is all we have
in this life
all we own:
a flowering
an opening
a gap between stones

On most occasions when I read this poem, my mind travels back in time. Long forgotten figures, once significant, walk out of my past and into my present.  We visit, reviving memories – some joyous, others maybe not so. Those moments of my life of which they are a part are, as the poem says, all that I have. I am […]

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Minding Our Minds – Recent Reads

Welcome Readers!

Here are a few of my recent picks.  I hope you enjoy them. Please feel free to share your favs with us and chime in with your opinions on any or all of these.

Love, love, love Lucy Foley’s newest mystery thriller, The Guest List!  I “read” it on Audiobooks and highly recommend this format , if it’s available to you, since hearing the lilting brogues of the characters add so much to the flavor of the story. The setting is a remote island off the west coast of Ireland. With very few characters, the plot unfolds over a single weekend as guests come together to attend the wedding of a true power couple -he, a handsome TV star and she, a stunning magazine publisher. It becomes a seriously complicated event as secrets are revealed, relationships shattered and then, a death, all in the course of that meticulously planned wedding weekend.

It’s a quick read – mainly because you don’t want to put it down.



The Stationery Shop by Marjan Kamali is a beautiful and timely […]

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