Out Of This Noise

I’m trying so very hard to stay positive during this time. It hasn’t been easy. It’s difficult not to keep wishing that I wake up one morning and realize that all this mess was just a dream – a nightmare. It feels to me like we’ve sailed into a perfect storm that is having its way with us no matter how we try to beat it down. It’s not just the isolation, which is so very sad. But I think I would be able to get through all this if the loneliness was all it was.  But for me, it’s so much more.

It’s the constant hostility I’m seeing manifesting itself in so many ways. Our world is so full of hate that it’s difficult to peel away all those layers to find the wealth of goodness underneath. Never before have I had to make such a conscious effort to find the positive. But now, I definitely have to remind myself to look for the good that is happening even when it’s hidden under so much of the opposite.

A while ago I was watching a Netflix movie, Tara Road, and I was fascinated by the sound track. I wasn’t sure of the words being sung but I found myself searching the internet for those lyrics. The search wasn’t an easy one –  the movie was filmed  back in 2005 in Ireland and South Africa and the soundtrack comes from an Irish group, Autamata.  Though I loved the movie, it seemingly did not break viewing records worldwide.

But I finally found what I was looking for and very quickly realized why I doggedly pursued in this search. The song goes…

Out of this noise, here comes the stillness
Out of this chaos, here comes the order
Out of this language, out of this language
Out of these words*

Out of this noise…out of this chaos…out of this language…  Truly, these words haunt me – in a good way.  Yes, it is the noise, the chaos, the language of late that collectively work to bring me down. So I have to keep focused on what will come after all this chaos and noise and angry words. I do so believe that we will, someday in the not too distant future, be able to look back on these days as a time of re-ordering, re-centering, re-focusing – that this was the time we needed , a time that reminded us of what is truly important on this earth, what is our responsibility to each other and to our world, and how much more difficult it is to be ever-angry than to find a way to walk with and talk to each other in constructive and mutually enriching ways. I believe this time is at hand.

Until then, I am determined to mindfully approach each day, each encounter looking to pull from them all the positives they offer. I am so very grateful for all my family and friends who are journeying with me through this and who are giving me hope that, as the song goes, when the noise and the chaos end there again will be stillness and order.

Your thoughts??

  • From Autamata, Out of this Noise