Welcome Readers!

Here are a few of my recent picks.  I hope you enjoy them. Please feel free to share your favs with us and chime in with your opinions on any or all of these.

Love, love, love Lucy Foley’s newest mystery thriller, The Guest List!  I “read” it on Audiobooks and highly recommend this format , if it’s available to you, since hearing the lilting brogues of the characters add so much to the flavor of the story. The setting is a remote island off the west coast of Ireland. With very few characters, the plot unfolds over a single weekend as guests come together to attend the wedding of a true power couple -he, a handsome TV star and she, a stunning magazine publisher. It becomes a seriously complicated event as secrets are revealed, relationships shattered and then, a death, all in the course of that meticulously planned wedding weekend.

It’s a quick read – mainly because you don’t want to put it down.



The Stationery Shop by Marjan Kamali is a beautiful and timely exploration of devastating loss, unbreakable family bonds, and the overwhelming power of love.  Set in 1953 Tehran, it is the story of two young lovers brought together by a kindly book and stationery shop owner.  But, despite their determination, there are many obstacles in their path to togetherness. I love historical fiction and this was most informative as the author weaves so much of the Irani culture into her telling of the lives of Roya and Bahman.

The writing is beautiful, the plot captivating, each character so well developed I felt I knew them personally. I was literally sad when it all came to an end.




In the age of Black Lives Matter, Such A Fun Age by Kiley Reid, soars to relevance. The story of the very complex and dysfunctional relationship between two women elucidates the state of race and class in contemporary America. Emira is a young black college graduate, who, while struggling to find her passion, is employed as a babysitter for a privileged, white, upper middle class family. “Alix” is the mother in this family – a driven, self employed “influencer” focused more on her life outside the home than on what takes place within. Utilizing realism, humor, heartbreak, and satire, the author brilliantly integrates many of the true, self imposed obstacles to smooth race relations. At times a tough read, but it captured my mind and heart from the very first page.





If you’re a history buff and you like to read about strong women, The Alice Network by Kate Quinn should be your next read.  True confession – I’m only half way through it but it just keeps getting better. So I’m confident enough to recommend it.

Though it is historical fiction, it is based on the real life of a woman who led a network of spies that infiltrated German lines along the French border during WWI. For years she is presumed dead, her last whereabouts unknown. But a devoted cousin commits to uncovering the missing pieces and bringing closure to her story.

The telling jumps between decades as we are taken back to events of the first world war in one chapter and then, in the next, to the search taking place in post WWII.  With many twists and turns, this is in essence a story of the courage of two brave and daring women who refused to accept a life less than what they envisioned.

Very diffferent from other wartime novels I’ve read. Captivating!


Thoughts??  What are you reading?