It seems a crazy time to be presenting you with travel information, but maybe it’s not. I know I need to dream, and that’s exactly what I did today as I clicked from one travel website to another.  Here are three of my absolute favorites – filled my afternoon with exciting visions of what may lie in the future, once we are allowed to move beyond our isolation.  Hope you enjoy!!


Quite by accident, I came across a magnificent website, JourneyWoman.  I don’t use the word magnificent much but, in this case, I make the exception. I do love to travel, though these days, any plans to go further than my town are naturally on hold.  However, wandering around this site was almost as good as the real thing.  But be careful – there’s so much to see…you could lose your way! It houses all things “travel” and I do mean ALL things. Easy to navigate, filled with inviting photos and great writing, the site is worth visiting – over and over again!

Still on the same quest, I’m finding all kinds of fun things! Legal Nomads is written by a lawyer, turned foodie, turned world traveler. Super, right! As I read through the site, I immediately connected on several levels – not only does the writer love travel and food, as do I, but we also share a gluten allergy. Both of us have celiac disease which complicates traveling or just plain eating out anywhere!

But that’s not where her focus is…much more lighthearted than talking about diseases.  In her own words…“Here, readers will find a community that connects storytellers who want to dig deep into a new country, in-depth food guides to cities around the world, and a long set of resources to help plan and budget for long term travel. From my end, I want the site to remain an inspiration to those who crave a life of travel and exploration, but one that also sets realistic expectations about the sacrifices unconventional choices require.”  Another virtual travel experience while we are stuck at home.

Here’s one more for you that I really liked. It’s called The Blonde Abroad.  This one is a little “quirk-ier” than the others and maybe more commercial but still lots of fun. Visitors to the site are given the option to choose where the want to travel and then are introduced to their destination with beautiful photography and tips about getting there, what to pack, and so much more.  It’s beautiful, fun, upscale, and I left wishing I were the blonde abroad. Take a peek – even if you have no desire to move further than your couch!

Again, I invite you to share your travel dreams, tips, experiences  – virtual or otherwise, with all of us.  We’d love to hear from you!