Letting Go – It’s Time


When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be…Lao Tsu

As I sat to begin this post, I had in my mind that I would use the following poem as a springboard – an inspiration – for my writing. I’d take a few of the lines – ones that particularly resonated with me – and build my story around them. But that was not going to happen. I hope, as you read the work below, you’ll come to understand why.

Slowly, gently

I lift the clutter out of my life.
I must let go of my ego-self.
I’ve known this part of myself intimately.
It’s like an old friend.
It’s a bit hard to send it on its way.
It has become a kind of cherished sin for me
a dis-ease that I am familiar with.
Still, it has hindered my growth
and kept me from adoring.
It has prevented me from noticing

the holy ground of my life.

And so, I kiss it good-bye.
Yes, I kiss it.
I embrace it.
It is part of myself
I cannot simply cast it aside.
I pray for its conversion.
All the clutter in my […]

What We Leave Behind

To my faithful MOL readers…

            It’s been AGES since my last post…and I’m feeling so bad about this. But these last few weeks – nothing!!!  Each day I waited for inspiration and…nothing! I’m so very thankful that the only deadlines I have are self-imposed. Under any other circumstances, the consequences would be dire. I’m so grateful you’re here…and I’m here…and we are here together again. Thank you, each of you, for not giving up on me!!

The deepest sense of a pilgrim tries to look through the facade of a culture

and into its soul.”  Phil Cousineau

The Essence of Sacred Travel 

If you’ve learned anything about me from reading my postings, you know that, even at this advanced age, I continue to walk the pathway of self-discovery. The landscape along my path is constantly changing. Sometimes it is filled with color, song, and sunshine. But at other times, I’m faced with steep hills, twisty curves and abrupt obstacles. My life is this journey.

Last week I happened upon The Art of the Pilgrimage – The Seeker’s Guide to Making Travel Sacred by Phil Cousineau. I was instantly captivated!  If you’ve been following my posts you know I love to read, that I have referred to myself as a consummate “seeker” and […]

The Road I Travel


“It’s your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.” —Rumi

Rumi has a way of using very few words to stimulate deep thoughts.

I suppose I’m a big picture person – always thinking of everything as a part of the whole – assessing how things fit together, figuring out why and how certain events happen and what may be the relationship of this particular occurrence to other incidents in my life. I also believe that true coincidences are few and far between.

So all these beliefs come into play when I think about Rumi’s words as they relate to my personal journey here on earth. I have walked some of it alone…but I have also been blessed by the presence of many others who have joined me on the way. I believe that who I am is the result of all those who have shared in my journey. Some walk with me always, in body or in spirit – those who nurtured me during my early years, my husband and my children and my sisters. These have each brought cherished others onto my path and they, too, have become perpetual companions on my journey.

There are others who walk with me for extended periods – treasured friends whose lives […]

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Minding Our Spirits – A Difficult Issue

I began last week all set to write about something entirely different. But then, something happened that made everything else seem so trivial to me.

Before I tell you what that one thing was, or is, let me share two things with you. The first is that I usually find myself writing when I need to make sense of my feelings or to understand my reaction to something that moved me. It’s a kind of therapy that I’ve engaged in for many years. And this post is one of those times.

The second thing that I want to share with you is I am a practicing Catholic – a “cradle Catholic” – born into the faith. I cherish my faith, my parish, and my Catholic community. While I often write on spiritual issues, I have not spoken much about my Catholicism. Until now…

On Monday, Pope Francis signed off on a Vatican decree originating with the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith, the body responsible for proclaiming and defending the Catholic faith.

This most recent degree reaffirms the old church teaching and bars priests from blessing same sex unions. It goes further, calling such unions “a sin”. And Pope Francis agreed.

I have been attempting to reconcile my thinking with this pronouncement, but I am struggling. This decision wounds me so personally […]

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